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Research Integrity: a Regulatory Future?

The POSTnote on Integrity in Research (January 2017) summarises the key approaches to supporting, and the challenges around, good research practice in the UK .

Resilience: know your Achilles’ heel

Are you a resourceful and resilient human being? With reasonable levels of self-awareness and self-management? And yet certain sentiments cut right to your core, and threaten to undermine your sense of self?

What keeps you awake at night?

Henry Marsh, the English brain surgeon, likens the decision whether – and when – to operate to playing Russian Roulette with two revolvers. Most of us do not face such dilemmas on a daily basis.

Halocline Coaching: is it right for you?

You are committed to your personal and professional development, and you have decided to explore coaching options. But how do you know if Halocline Coaching is right for you?