The Halocline

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The halocline is an opaque transitional zone where salt and fresh water meet, and is often encountered by explorers entering underwater cave systems. This threshold is a gateway to the next stage of the journey.

The halocline also represents a threshold for the client: perhaps a state of transition, resistance, or inertia. It is a liminal zone of ‘not knowing’: a place of potential discomfort, confusion, and disorientation; but also of inspiration, creativity, and transformation.

As a coach I support and challenge my clients to identify, navigate, and – ultimately – move through the halocline so that they may emerge with a greater sense of vision and clarity, and continue on their leadership journey.

Into the Grey: Owning Your Integrity

Grey areas. You know the ones I mean. They’re so tricky because, well, they’re grey. There’s no definition, no differentiation, no black and white. Just one opaque, perhaps conflicted, even disorientating situation.

The Wall

Writing on The Wall

Do you sometimes feel as though you’ve hit a wall? That you can no longer see the way ahead, and that your efforts are met only with resistance?