Sophie’s approach to coaching is holistic, in-depth and oriented towards the long-term… ‘transparent’ and inspiring trust… empathy-based, therapeutic and inspiring… My coaching time will remain an important professional and personal landmark, which a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’ to it… This work of awareness was tremendously empowering, as I now feel much better equipped to keep it going by myself. I can also imagine feeling the need for another series of coaching sessions further down the road, as it has proved such a helpful and effective way of taking stock and moving forward. I can unreservedly recommend this journey to anyone in the process of reviewing their priorities. University Lecturer

I found Sophie’s coaching approach very effective and empowering. Over the course of our coaching sessions, I felt guided and supported by Sophie in just the right amount. She gave me the space to explore some of my thoughts and feelings, whilst at the same time strategically guiding me through a myriad of self imposed limiting beliefs, ultimately helping me become more open to possible opportunities that lie ahead of me. Whilst the coaching sessions weren’t always easy, Sophie helped me to get more familiar with my thinking, attitudes and habits which has helped to highlight my natural strengths, thus leaving me feeling very positive about my capabilities and the future. Marketing Professional

Coaching with Sophie was extremely useful in gaining perspective on various work challenges. Sophie’s excellent listening allowed her to pull together different aspects and reflections from my description of work so that I could see and better understand aspects of my working experience. Not only is Sophie a thoughtful listener, but she also has a variety of thought and spatial exercises which push the coachee to greater self-awareness of working life. Each session was not only productive but enjoyable. University Professor

Consultancy with Sophie has been a hugely beneficial experience for me. Over the course of just a few brief sessions together, Sophie was able to help me gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the role of ethics and personal integrity within my profession – helping me to look at these fields in a way I’d never done so before. I really hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Sophie again at some point in the future, and I would happily recommend her services to anyone without hesitation. Banking Professional

Sophie is a professional coach with a range of experience… [and] able to bring to the surface key areas to work on… I have developed a greater sense of self awareness and as a result an ability to work on specific topics I previously would not have been able to… if you are interested in discovering more about yourself then I have every confidence Sophie will be able to help you do just that as well as suggest ways you can work on what you have learned, helping you grow as a person and get more out of the world. Oil & Gas Professional

I found the whole coaching experience with Sophie a very personal one. I have a very particular style of learning and communicating and Sophie accommodated this fact very well. I found the sessions challenging and empowering, and Sophie has an amazing ability to turn your muddled ideas and thoughts on their head and present them back to you with clarity and purpose. The sessions accelerated my approach… towards achieving my goals, even goals I didn’t realise I wanted. As a result of the sessions I am now in a place working on a personal project I don’t believe I would have ever arrived at on my own. I can’t recommend Sophie enough. Senior Engineer