Leadership Coaching

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Leadership coaching is fundamental to professional development and personal resilience. It establishes a formal space for you to reflect on your values and priorities, challenge assumptions, and crystallise your strategic vision.

HC Leadership Development

Through strengthening competencies of emotional intelligence, including self-awareness and social awareness, it supports the development of resonant leadership, and it empowers you to navigate your boundaries and realise your leadership presence.

Coaching can be particularly powerful if you are seeking to enhance your leadership style as you move into a new role, a different sector, or an unfamiliar working environment; and when experiencing a significant life event. These are critical times when you will benefit from the framework of support, sensitive challenge, and self-accountability underpinned by a quality coaching relationship.

I offer executive coaching (a three-way contract with the client’s employer as sponsor) and personal coaching (a two-way contract between coach and client), both of which respect client autonomy and confidentiality throughout the coaching relationship.