Free Fall: Notes on Disruption

Disruption is a tear in the fabric of our reality. It is an interruption to our sense of normality and a pause in the rhythm of our life.

It might be a word, an idea, a truth. A memory. An action or event.

Disruption is the moment of no return. Our ground falls away. We are in free fall.

Disruption is a dislocation of what we know or think we know. It can be powerful, and deeply uncomfortable, and immensely creative.

SunsetDisruption is a break in the flow. It is a void, it lets the darkness in. It is a crack, it lets the light in.

Disruption can be momentary, but it always has an impact. It alters our awareness. It is the moment when everything changes.

It ruptures the status quo. 

It wakes us up.

It opens our eyes.

Disruption changes us. But not all change is disruption.

If we anticipate disruption, does it lose its power? If we create the conditions for disruption, can we control it? We can disrupt and be disrupted. Can we disrupt ourselves?

Disruption does not discriminate. It is a visitor to all: welcome, or unwelcome.

It is a creator of space… a place of not knowing, where time stands still.

How do you choose to use this space? And how does your light get in?

There is a crack, a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen

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