The Ethical Coach

What does it mean to be an ethical coach? In a truly authentic and meaningful way (rather than simply paying lip service to a code of conduct)?

This is not just a question for coaches.

It is of central importance to anyone engaging with the services of a coach: clients, sponsors, and supervisors all have an interest in the integrity of the individual and the coaching profession more broadly.

Ethics is a cornerstone of professional integrity, together with adherence to relevant codes of conduct and legal and regulatory compliance. Integrity, in turn, underpins the process of trust (Dietz & Hartog, 2006).

Consider the role of trust in your own coaching relationships: to what extent does coaching retain value when trust is removed?


And how do you identify – or, as a coach, honour – the ethical principles of autonomy and dignity of the individual, beneficence, and non-violence in your own experiences of coaching?

With these questions in mind I’d like to share with you the Ethics in Coaching webinar. I recorded this webinar with the Academy of Executive Coaching for their Senior Practitioner Diploma, and it’s designed to support established coach practitioners in exploring their own ethical framework and its application to a real-world coaching practice.

Learning outcomes include:

  • a better understanding of how ethical principles and core values inform professional conduct
  • a greater awareness of the types of ethical challenge facing the coach practitioner
  • increased confidence and skill in negotiating the ethical complexities of professional practice

I hope you find the session of value, and perhaps you will choose to take your reflections, tensions, and a good dose of courage into a trusted coaching or supervision environment!

Ethics permeates all aspects of your coaching practice and defines who you are as a coach.

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