Recharging (in a world that never sleeps)

As the nights start to draw in I find myself thinking about energy. More specifically, the importance of taking the time to tend to our own energy levels. And not simply in terms of resourcing ourselves with a varied diet and high quality sleep, both of which are fundamental to our wellbeing and resilience.

I’m thinking in terms of energising and recharging: the restoration and maintenance of a sense of vitality.

Think carefully about how you invest your energy on a daily basis. Is it wisely spent? The very terminology of investing, or spending, or using – energy as a resource – indicates both its value and its potentially finite nature. Our reserves must be renewed, or they will deplete.

Wild campingJung’s orientations of introversion and extraversion describe the preferred focus and source of your energy as either the inner world or the outer world. If you’re familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator you’ll already hold this insight into your own preference or ‘favourite world’.

Ask yourself: do you have to unplug or plug in to recharge your batteries? From where do you, as an individual, draw your energy?

Perhaps a solitary morning run along the dewy track, alone with your thoughts; or a long evening socialising with friends, old and new, around a roaring fire? Both have the potential to energise, depending on your preference. So consider which types of activities suit your particular orientation (internal or external) and stay alert to signs that your levels may be dwindling.

Dedicating time to recharge is not a luxury; to function at our best (indeed to function at all) we must identify our energy sources and keep our reserves topped up. Through mindful self-management and conscious choice we can build a lifestyle which energises and renews. And, as a resource, this renewable energy can be shared.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. Law of Conservation of Energy

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