Resilience: know your Achilles’ heel

Are you a resourceful and resilient human being? With reasonable levels of self-awareness and self-management?

And yet certain sentiments cut right to your core, and threaten to undermine your sense of self?

Resilience – the ability to thrive in an uncertain world – is fundamental to our health, wellbeing, and professional success. But our resilience is informed by our mental, physical, and emotional state. As is the influence of our inner critic.

Challenges to resilience arise from both the external environment and our own internal self; so however you choose to refer to your inner critic, and however adept you are at turning down the volume, do not underestimate your own, personal, self-saboteur.

Resilience - know your Achilles' heal

As Seth Godin asserts, ‘…negative self talk is hungry for external corroboration. One little voice in the ether that agrees with your internal critic is enough to put you in a tailspin’.

Or in other words, where your inner critic and external critic collide, there lies your Achilles’ heel.

The depth of your vulnerability is directly proportional to the influence of your inner critic at any given time. External criticism will always exist, but it only penetrates where it resonates.

Through increased self-awareness we reveal our greatest vulnerabilities to our whole selves: there is no hiding from your inner critic. And, being human, part of you will seek validation of these doubts and fears. Yet shining a light on your vulnerabilities will disperse the shadows, feed your self-knowledge, and disempower the collusion of destructive internal and external narratives.

Be watchful. Know your own vulnerabilities, and quietly note where external validation of your self-limiting beliefs risks corroding your sense of self.

Practice good emotional hygiene. Wherever practicable spend time with individuals whose inner critic does not resonate with your own.

Speak your own truth. Ensure your voice is heard above the murmur of self-talk.

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