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An independent specialist in research integrity and ethics, with a background in Higher Education management, I offer a bespoke coaching and consultancy service for corporate and private clients.

I draw on expertise acquired through academic, professional, and creative contexts to provide executive and personal leadership coaching and ethics consultancy.

And I collaborate with individuals and organisations to support the development of resonant, reflective, ethical leadership and a culture of integrity.

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Into the Grey: Owning Your Integrity

Grey areas. You know the ones I mean. They’re so tricky because, well, they’re grey. There’s no definition, no differentiation, no black and white. Just one opaque, perhaps conflicted, even disorientating situation.

What keeps you awake at night?

Henry Marsh, the English brain surgeon, likens the decision whether – and when – to operate to playing Russian Roulette with two revolvers. Most of us do not face such dilemmas on a daily basis.